• Top Entry Full Size Eccentric Semi-Ball Valve

    Design features :

    1. Full diameter, minimum runner size ≥95%DN;

    2, top type, can be online maintenance;

    3, hard/soft double sealing, sealing performance is good;

    4, floating seat, small operating torque, reverse sealing;

    5. Equipped with different driving devices, it can be operated manually, electrically or hydraulically.

    Product standard:

    1. GB/T26146, CJ/T283

    2. GB/T17241.6, GB/T9113 flange connection size

    3. GB/T12221 structure length reference

    4. GB/T13927 pressure test

    Main parameters:

    Nominal size: DN200 -- 2400 nominal pressure: PN6 -- 63

    Seal test pressure: 1.1pn shell test pressure: 1.5pn

    Applicable medium: water, sewage, oil, air, etc

    Suitable working condition:

    1. High requirements for the flow state and damping coefficient of the medium;

    2. Water pump outlet; 3. Working conditions with poor medium conditions.

    Awards and patents:

    The first set of major technical equipment in anhui province in 2018

    ★ China building metal structure association water supply and drainage equipment branch engineering construction recommended products

    ★ adjustable bidirectional pressure eccentric half ball valve obtained a utility model patent, the patent number is ZL 2016 2 1384207.4

    ★ presided over the preparation of the eccentric half ball valve CJ/T 283-2017 industry standard

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